Research and training

Postgraduate students working in the School of Pharmacy

You will receive training in four key science themes:

  • predictive pharmaceutical sciences
  • advanced product design
  •  pharmaceutical process engineering
  • complex product characterisation

This will develop you to approach challenges in preparing medicines from a range of therapeutic molecules, including emerging cutting-edge active ingredients (eg CRISPR or locked RNAs). These are currently at a critical stage of development. Research by scientists trained to doctoral level in the latest predictive and product design and development technologies is crucial to realise their clinical potential.

We provide you with comprehensive training in all aspects of medicines design and development, including pharmaceutical engineering. This enables you to consider the 'end game' of your research and understand how your work in the laboratory can be translated into products which can be manufactured and used to treat patients.

Your training will take place in a unique multidisciplinary interface between engineering, computational, pharmaceutical and medical sciences. The training programme includes:  

  • broadening your horizons with two training projects (one in a university, one in industry) before commencing with your PhD project
  • working in industry and making connections to pharmaceutical companies ranging from large companies with global reach to small and medium sized enterprises
  • extensive teamworking and networking opportunities
  • exercise allowing you to develop high-level leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • presentation and communication skills
  • careers workshops and summer schools