The Team

For more information on the centre, please contact the respective centre managers:

Graham Harrison for the University of Nottingham (UK)

Sarah Marks for University College London (UK)

Tracy Gallagher for SSPC - The SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals (Ireland)


Centre director

Prof Snow Stolnik (University of Nottingham)

Centre co-directors

Prof Gareth Williams (UCL)

Prof Anne-Marie Healy (Trinity College Dublin)

Training team

Dr Maria Marlow (University of Nottingham, Training director)

Prof Simon Gaisford (UCL)

Dr Stefan Guldin (UCL

Dr Mischa Zelzer (University of Nottingham)

Other core team members

Prof Cameron Alexander (University of Nottingham)

Prof Helen Hailes (UCL)

Prof Jonathan Knowles (UCL)

Prof Clive Roberts (University of Nottingham)