CDT Student Representatives

Representatives are elected members of the current CDT student body.

At least one representative and deputy-representative per institution exists. They are responsible for receiving and collating student feedback relating to the CDT programme and student experience and passing on this information to relevant staff as appropriate. 

The CDT Student Rep attends regular meetings of the Management Committee and Advisory Boards. At these meetings the student reps will voice the views of their peers to staff, to influence positive change for ALL CDT students.

The student reps also help inform students on the changes being brought about and serve as a liaison between the CDT Management Team and students. They are expected to proactively pursue improvements to their programme, are expected to become aware of issues of concern amongst the students they represent and to communicate these issues via the appropriate channels to the Management team.

Representatives do not handle non-academic issues such as welfare concerns and instead will contact trained staff members or signpost students to services relevant to their needs.

Meet our Student Reps

Kate Tolan

Kate Tolan, SSPC Student Representative

My name is Kate Tolan and I am in the second year of my PhD in Trinity College Dublin. I’m one of the student representatives for the cohort of Irish universities; namely Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and University College Dublin.

My primary objective as a student representative is to liaise between the CDT management team and the students. This involves voicing student views at management meeting and notifying students of any changes happening within the CDT.

Laura Koenitz

Laura Koenitz, SSPC Deputy Student Representative

My name is Laura Koenitz and I am a second year student at University College Cork, Ireland. I am one of the student representatives for the Irish universities within the CDT. As such I aim to voice the students’ views and needs with the CDT management team to ensure the best PhD experience for my peers.

I also wish to communicate any changes efficiently and transparently to the students so they can relate to decisions made on the management level.

Anna Jorgensen

Anna Jorgensen, UCL Student Representative

I am one of the student representatives from UCL, and I am currently in the second year of my PhD project. I am proud to represent UCL students from all cohorts in the engagement and feedback sessions with the management, and also to inform the student body of any news and/or changes resulting from the management meetings.

During my remaining time as a rep, I hope to become a familiar face to all students (new as old!), and for everyone to feel assured that I am here to promote the best interest of the students for the best possible student experience.

Emily Atkinson

Emily Atkinson, UCL Deputy Student Representative

I’m an enthusiastic, approachable third-year CDT student based at UCL, School of Pharmacy. I am proud to be a student representative and strive to ensure every student’s voice is heard and their suggestions are acted on.

The continuous development of the CDT is important to me to ensure the best for current and future students.

Daniel Yates

Daniel Yanes, UoN Student Representative

I am a second-year CDT student based at the University of Nottingham.  I took on the role to ensure the feedback of UoN students from all cohorts is relayed to the management committee, which ensures the advancement of student experience.

During my time as student representative, I aim to be approachable to all students so that every voice is heard and to strive for the continuous improvement of the CDT experience for present and future generations.