UoN Inter-School Seminar Series

The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies is excited to announce the launch of a PhD student led inter-school seminar series between the School of Mathematics and the School of Pharmacy, at the University of Nottingham. The series is open to all students that are using mathematical or computational modelling in their research relating to life sciences and will provide a platform for cross school communication in a variety of different research areas.

Mathematical models are becoming increasingly used in life sciences, for understanding complex real-world problems. From drug design and manufacturing to understanding the dynamics of diseases, mathematical and computational models are driving innovation and improving research in these areas. However, despite the possibilities that are available when using these models there is little opportunity for PhD students working with similar computational tools to meet each other and get helpful feedback from their peers. The seminar series hopes to address this issue in a friendly and supportive environment. 

The seminars will be held once a month (this month on the 17th of February) in B23 in the School of Physics. For this introductory session there will be a series of 3-minute thesis presentations given by any students wishing to participate, followed by a Q&A and discussion for other students to ask questions. The seminar series are being organised by Daniel Vaughan (School of Pharmacy) and Adam Blakey (School of Mathematical Sciences) and has been made possible due to the generous support of the CDT in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies. We believe that this seminar series will become an invaluable resource to the students who undertake research using mathematical and computational resources. 

Please contact Daniel.Vaughan@nottingham.ac.uk if you have any additional queries. 

We hope you join us for our first session in this new and exciting seminar series. 

Posted on Tuesday 7th February 2023