UNICAS Researcher Academy Scheme Success

Two 4th year students at the University of Nottingham have been successful in securing a small grant to complete their own, independent research. Benjamin Fiedler and Fiona Smith applied for funding from the University of Nottingham Interdisciplinary Centre for Analytical Science (UNICAS), which aims to facilitate the opportunity for novel interdisciplinary research projects involving analytical science. 

Benjamin will be working on a project titled "Advancing Astrocyte-derived Extracellular Vesicles Therapeutics Potential by Mapping Metabolic Function & Mannose-Mediated Targeting" with other researchers in the School of Pharmacy and the School of Life Sciences.  

Fiona's proposed project is titled "Curbing antibiotic resistance: Repurposing systemic antibiotics for localised delivery via microneedles for chronic wound management". This project will be completed in conjunction with researchers in the Faculty of Engineering and will exploit the opportunity for medical device personalisation by using 3D-printing manufacturing techniques.

Both students were required to attend a sandpit event, in which they presented their current research, skillset and area of research interest, giving the opportunity to meet potential collaborators from across the university, before submitting a proposal for the work.

We look forward to hearing about the exciting research completed by both students in these projects. 

 UNICAS project image

Posted on Tuesday 28th March 2023